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LETTER: West must act against ‘Boko Haram’ terrorists

BRANDON, Man. — As I write this, Boko Haram, the group of Nigerian militants, is preparing to auction off more than 200 kidnapped schoolgirls in the name of Islam.

Clearly, we know as a society that we are being challenged by this radical Islamic group. The group cleared out a girls’ school and took the students as slaves — and this behavior of harming children cannot and must not be tolerated by the West.

If we allow this terrorist organization to continue this behavior, it will spread to other nearby countries.

The group must understand that if they are going to behave in such an outrageous and egregious fashion, there will be serious consequences. And that means military action in which we’ll find them and make sure they cannot and will not behave with such brutality toward anyone else.

Right now, evil is staring us in the face and saying, “I’m going to make lots of money from selling your children, Nigeria!” In Boko Haram’s video this week, the group’s leadership told the world that this was their plan of action.

One must never negotiate with the devil. Such tolerance is only for the more reasonable, not these mad dogs.

We in the West must act swiftly to destroy this cancer before its actions harm anyone else, and to ensure this threat to global democracy does not spread.

Our current inaction will only have the terrorists knocking on our doors some day. We need effective action to manage this matter.

Alan Levy

Levy is an associate professor in the Department of Human Resources, Labor Relations and Dispute Resolution at Brandon University.