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LETTER: Thanks for wonderful Rachel Calof celebration

ST. PAUL — I just can’t stop thinking and smiling about the recent events in the Devils Lake area to commemorate Rachel Calof.

Calof, my grandmother, was a Jewish bride who emigrated from Russia to the plains of North Dakota, and who documented her life of raising a family during the late 1890s and early 1900s.

Because of my grandmother’s book, Kate Fuglei’s acting in “The Rachel Calof Story,” and the sponsoring committee’s very hard work, we Calofs were treated like royalty.

It is hard to explain the feeling of being the royalty of the weekend, but what a great feeling it was, and I thank everyone who made it possible. I don’t have permission to speak for all my cousins, but from everything I heard, their feelings are quite similar.

After the Friday night play, we stopped for ice cream, and people who saw the play stopped us to say how much they enjoyed the performance and then went on to ask us questions regarding Jewish customs and explain more about the family. We were asked to sign my grandmother’s book, which was strange — but left us with a feeling of, “Wow.”

Ads and other promotions for the play were everywhere, and it was hard to find someone who didn’t know about it.

Again, my deepest appreciation for everything that the committee and the community did. None of us will ever forget our visit to Devils Lake.

Stanley Calof