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LETTER: Stenehjem offers ‘principled and effective’ leadership

GRAND FORKS — I don’t know where Nikki Berg Burin comes from, but she can’t have lived in North Dakota long (“Incumbent attorney general must go,” letter, Page A4, May 7).

If she had, she would be aware that Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has been one of the most active and engaged attorneys general we’ve ever had. He’s well known for his relentless fight against illegal drugs and for proactively working to shut down the head shops that were injuring and even killing our young people by selling synthetic drugs.

He has established an internet crimes-against-children force that is second to none in the nation. He has been relentless in pursuing predators who try to victimize our young people.

He has long been a leader in ending domestic violence and has been recognized time and again by domestic violence prevention organizations for his efforts.

Stenehjem has spearheaded the creation of a state-of-the-art crime lab that works every day to solve cases of sexual assault and other crimes. He is admired and respected by residents across the state and on both sides of the political aisle. How else would he get reelected with more than 70 percent of the vote in election after election?

With a long history of experience and effectiveness, including representing us in Grand Forks as a member of the House and Senate, we need to continue Stenehjem’s principled and effective leadership as Attorney General.

Tiffany Grossman