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LETTER: SecState’s office yawns over poor turnout

The June election in North Dakota had the lowest turnout in decades. It was disappointing to see so few North Dakotans make the effort to vote when so much is on the line in elections across the state.

Mayors, city commissioners and an important measure all were on the ballot, along with important local issues.

Elected officials used to visit schools, hold press conferences and perform other outreach to educate the public about the importance of voting. I haven’t seen much of an effort from our current secretary of state, unfortunately.

Secretary of State Al Jaeger either has too little energy or too little interest to try to get more people out to vote in North Dakota. We need someone with enthusiasm and new ideas in charge of elections in North Dakota.

We need a secretary of state who isn’t satisfied when only 17 percent of eligible voters go to the polls.

William Woodworth