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LETTER: Race organizers appreciate Sheriff’s Department’s help

GRAND FORKS — I am one of the organizers of last weekend’s 36-mile downriver race on the Red River, dubbed END-WET. I am writing this to publicly and heartily thank the Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Department — in particular, Cpl. Thomas Inoncencio and his crew of water safety professionals and volunteers.

Inoncencio and his team could have simply cancelled the event once the river rose above the 28-foot level that defines minor flood stage. Instead, they went out of their way to actually assess the increased risk associated with the higher flows and worked with our team to provide a safe event.

Their willingness to look at all the factors involved — mile-by-mile river conditions, weather and flood forecasts, safety measures put in place by our organization, experience levels of the athletes — and not just focus on a number on a river gauge, demonstrated exceptional support and understanding of our efforts.