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LETTER: Puzzles for the ages about N.D. politics, government

STARKWEATHER, N.D. — While mowing today, a couple of Herald stories came to mind and resulted in some good “trivia questions” for the average North Dakota taxpayer, who always gets stuck with the bill in the end.

  •  In a July 16 story about the fact that “18 firearms are still missing after a critical audit of the North Dakota Game and Fish Department,” one sentence begs a number of questions (“Game and Fish guns still missing,” Page B1).

The sentence begins this way: “The audit, which was finalized June 3 and is the first-ever performance audit of the Game and Fish Department … “

And the questions it raises are these:

The “first-ever performance audit”? Really? How long has the North Dakota Game and Fish Department been around?

Curiosity makes one wonder about how many other North Dakota state government departments have never had a performance audit. Maybe the state auditor’s office could answer this one?

  •  A Reuters story headlined “Race for N.D. agriculture commissioner is all about oil” makes one chuckle and also begs a question (Page B5, July 23).

The story quotes an oil company board member as saying that Doug Goehring, North Dakota’s incumbent agriculture commissioner, “has done a good job … and I’m proud to support him for another term.” But the board member also requested not to be identified in case challenger Ryan Taylor wins!

A couple of questions on this one: Why doesn’t this executive just cover his bases, hedge his bet and donate to Taylor’s campaign?

And if he is so proud, why doesn’t he want to be identified?

Maybe we can get the City of Conway Commission on Better Government for North Dakota involved with these important questions.

Back to the mower!

Mike Connor