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LETTER: Pedestrian crossings at roundabouts need attention

I live near the roundabout mentioned in “Around and around,” and have used it several times already since it opened for traffic earlier this month (Page B3, Aug. 26).

Roundabouts are very common in New Zealand, where I lived before moving to Grand Forks, and I agree that the traffic flows much better along roundabouts and that motorists will soon learn how to use it.

But what really concerns me is the location of the pedestrian crossing, which is within two or three yards of the roundabout to the west on South 34th Street.

The story recommends that motorists to look to the left, enter the circle when a gap opens up, and proceed to the exit without stopping. This is the right thing to do, but in this case — as the pedestrian crossing is too close to the circle — exiting without stopping may prove difficult or even dangerous, especially when elderly or children are crossing the road.

It is particularly harder at night or when the setting sun is directly on the motorist’s face as he or she turns into 34th. Many motorists are stopping at the yield sign or slowing down inside the circle as a result.

As more roundabouts are planned for Grand Forks, I hope the pedestrian crossings are placed at a reasonable distance from the roundabouts.

Santhosh Seelan

Grand Forks