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LETTER: Omdahl shows ignorance of Measure 2

In the words of the great President Reagan, “There you go again.” Herald columnist Lloyd Omdahl’s opinion on shared parenting is like all of his opinions (“Ballot measures spice up November election,” Page A4, Aug. 18).

Omdahl was wrong on Measure 2, which would have eliminated property taxes. The state has plenty of money but does not want the taxpayers to benefit. On UND’s Fighting Sioux nickname, Omdahl wanted to kill the name but forgot to ask American Indians what they wanted. They formed a Committee of Understanding and Respect to keep the name.

Omdahl always favors the government and seems to believe that government knows best. And as with those other issues, shared parenting is something that Omdahl, in reality, knows nothing about.

I am the guy who spoke to more people and heard more stories about shared parenting than anyone in history. I got more than 15,000 signatures to put this measure on the ballot, and that means I spoke to literally thousands more (because not everyone signed).

Divorce is not a good thing, especially for children. No-fault laws make it even worse.

In America, family court consumes $50 billion a year, and that’s more than all the other courts combined. Eighty percent or more of children who live with a single mom live below the poverty level, vs. only 28 percent of children who live with single dads.

Before no-fault divorce in 1969, fathers retained full custody 95 percent of the time. The result was a 5 percent divorce rate, as mothers did not want to leave their children.

Children love both parents and need both parents without conflict. Equal parenting gives children that opportunity.

Omdahl should remember that it’s about the children, not the government or for that matter, the selfish divorcing parents.

Vote yes to shared parenting.

Charles Tuttle