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LETTER: Mock supports efforts to improve quality of life

GRAND FORKS — Grand Forks has a choice for City Council in Ward 4: Continue the growth and expansion of a vibrant, energetic community, or shift into idle and fall behind our neighbors such as Fargo. The two candidates up for election offer these two different paths.

Continuing the instrumental work of Council President Hal Gershman, Jeannie Schultz Mock offers the city the energy and integrity to continue the development of a greater city that not only makes it an exciting, vibrant place to live, but also attracts new faces and businesses.

New investments in the city and new people moving in are essential to making Grand Forks great. Programs for art and learning, development for young professionals and an energized downtown stand out in the heart of our community.

Youth programs such as Sunflake soccer, Summer Performing Arts and Art Fest are cornerstones to family life and bring in new families looking for this great sense of community.

Keeping these at the city’s core, the City Council can continue to promote a strong community that is the envy of the Midwest. As a council member, Mock will have the wisdom to uphold these values and to focus on the issues directly affecting our quality of life and community wellbeing.

Cutting funding to these valuable programs would hurt not only the city’s development but also Grand Forks’ potential. For those very programs are key reasons why life is good here and why people want to keep moving to Grand Forks.

As we stand at the crossroads on Tuesday, we must ask ourselves if we want to strive for for continued growth by voting for Mock or if we want to “save” by cutting popular programs and repaving the same bits of road.

Sarah Jensen