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LETTER: Meet the challenge of walking for health

GRAND FORKS — Recently, Herald Publisher Korrie Wenzel presented a community challenge: Walk for personal and civic health (column, Page F2, June 22).

Wenzel was reflecting on a conversation he’d had with Dr. Casey Ryan, outgoing president at Altru Health System in Grand Forks. The Herald has created its own program to encourage employees to be more active and healthy, Wenzel wrote. The newspaper calls it “Walk to Win” and is using “cash prizes and daily 20-minute paid breaks to entice all Herald employees to get into the habit of exercise through good, short walks in downtown Grand Forks.”

We all know the importance of even just a small amount of exercise, but there is one issue that has reverberated across the country: not enough time. We applaud the Herald for taking a major and unique step in providing time to their employees to get out of the office and walk.

Healthy employees have energy, are more productive and most important, are happy!

Charles Montgomery recognizes the incredible benefits of both mental and physical health in his book, “Happy City,” where he states, “We can literally walk ourselves into a state of well-being.”

This effort is just as much about social interaction as it is physical health.

We join Wenzel and the Herald in challenging our community to find time for personal and civic health. Whether readers walk, run, bike, swim, lift weights or pull up their leg warmers and dance, let’s make time for each other.

And if they happen to walk their way downtown — well, we’d like that, too.

Holth is board president of the Grand Forks Downtown Development Association and co-owner of The Toasted Frog restaurant and loungs.

Majkrzak is executive director of the Grand Forks Downtown Development Association.