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LETTER: Media does disservice by slighting third parties

Kevin Terrell, the Independence Party of Minnesota’s candidate for U.S. Senate, has expressed frustration with the media, and it’s warranted.

Though Terrell has made dozens of public appearances, reporters have failed to bring his views into their Senate campaign coverage. It seems reporters have lost a bit of their edge: It is mindless but exciting to just cover horserace news stories, and reporters really can’t go wrong by reporting only who is ahead.

But the desire exists to bring another party and candidate into the mix. At county fairs throughout the summer, the Independence Party has had a voting box set up to ask people if the two-party system is working for them. Not only are the voters answering “No” by a margin of 10 to 1, but also the disdain on their faces when they read the question is clear.

I tell these voters that when the “Yes” box is fuller than the “No” box, I get to go home. And I think the IP would do the same as well.

Most of us involved in the IP have busy lives and could fill our time doing many other things. But we are a party that is compelled to climb this mountain, build a platform that changes the business model of government, bring more freedom to individuals and tap into the entrepreneurism and innovation of Minnesotans to grow the economy.

People want an alternative to the two entrenched parties to succeed; they are looking toward, but the media is looking away.

The IP has not found the right path yet, but it is not far off. And every new movement, idea, concept and political party that ever was, was exactly where the IP is today.

I am confident the IP party will at least get up into the foothills of that mountain in November and live another day to climb higher.

Tim Gieseke

New Ulm, Minn.

Gieseke is the Independence Party of Minnesota’s candidate for lieutenant governor.