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LETTER: Library cuts show misplaced priorities at UND

GRAND FORKS — In a Herald story describing the new assessment program at UND, President Robert Kelley said that “we are establishing a process that, over a multiyear period, will enable us to shift resources toward programs and support functions essential to our liberal-arts foundation and our mission of teaching and learning, research, scholarship and creative activity and service.”

I’d like to know how Kelley can say he wants to support UND’s liberal-arts heart and soul, while he lets the library budget be cut by at least $500,000 and maybe as much as $750,000.

This is not a case of transitioning from physical to online materials. This is a shot at the heart of what it means to produce a liberal-arts education.

One cannot have a strong liberal-arts core at a university that imposes these draconian cuts to the library.

This major contradiction between Kelley’s words and actions make one wonder what the real goal is with the “Program and Support Prioritization” process. What liberal-arts program or department will be reduced or simply eliminated?

It is a sad day to see the great Chester Fritz Library being slowly eviscerated by those who are tasked with protecting it.

Cody Stanley