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LETTER: How to choose between School Board candidates

GRAND FORKS — I believe an effective School Board member:

  •  is a champion of the student, all the time.
  •  is good listener, analytical, able to see the big picture.
  •  seeks out and responds to multiple perspectives.
  •  employs a calm, positive approach.
  •  is actively engaged in crafting solutions.
  •  brings an attitude of service to the table.
  • The new Grand Forks School Board will face huge challenges, and the choices it makes will affect our children for years to come. How to narrow the field?

    Well, I already know what I want my School Board to look like. In order to get there, I’ll start by eliminating candidates who don’t fit my criteria.

    First to go are those who have been absent, voiceless or inarticulate in the discussion. I can’t support someone who isn’t able to demonstrate his or her interests and qualifications to me.

    Next to go are the single-issue people. The single-issue person tends to have tunnel vision rather than an ability to see a bigger picture and is likely to ignore differing perspectives when solving problems. Not a good quality in a complex organization like a school district.

    Last to go are those who are anger-driven. Angry people are terrible listeners. Angry people can’t objectively analyze a situation. Angry people are not calm or positive. I don’t want an angry person making the kind of decisions that a School Board member needs to make. That could be truly dangerous to the future of our district and our children.

    Tom Young