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LETTER: How can America turn back needy children?

FARGO — For a nation “built on Christian values,” the current influx of immigrant children fleeing their homelands in hopes of finding safety begs the question, “What would Jesus do?”

Would he speak of them as though they were vermin and scare them with guns, barbed wire and drones to keep them out? Would he capture the ones who dare enter “his” land and jail them until delivering them back to the gangs who jump them, rape them, murder them?

Or would he wrap them in his love and protection, listening to them, weeping with them and wiping their tears as he feeds them, bandages them, clothes them, keeps them safe and goes after their oppressors?

Whenever man draws a line between people, Jesus has been found on the side of the suffering.

Not into Jesus? OK. What would Superman do? Or Batman? Or Spidey? I’m pretty sure they would protect the children and go after the real bad guys.

The question on my mind is in regards to those who have the power in the situation we are currently in. What will North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven do? Sen. Heidi Heitkamp? Rep. Kevin Cramer?’

Jessica Arneson