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LETTER: Higher One settlement should be last straw for UND

GRAND FORKS — It took six years for the practices of Higher (N)one to come to the national light.

Back in 2008, when a brave set of students (myself included) ventured into the wild seas of public discourse, little did we know that our simple request to keep our bank account information between UND and ourselves would lead to a $13 million settlement.

However, the real rub of the whole thing is that UND still chooses to continue with this company. As a student and now an alumnus, I am convinced that such a decision was and remains one of the biggest mistakes the university has made — and this coming from a person who loves UND.

When we look at the steps from the inception of this idea until now, we see that the voice of students has been strong in asserting many salient points. Some of these points note that this is a bad deal, that we are largely uncomfortable with information flowing over the internet to a bank far afield from North Dakota and that from Day One, our opinion in the matter has been marginalized for the sake of expediency.

While I admit that UND has improved the student feedback process because of this incident, our No. 1 goal of having the contract with Higher One repealed has not been met.

And now that the April 2013 date for contract renewal has come and gone, students once again are stuck with the arrangement until 2018 — a whole decade of grief and consternation.

Let me be clear: There are many, many things about UND that are great, including the community, the professors and even the administrators. But this decision and the university’s institutional stubbornness on this matter makes a black mark on an otherwise “Exceptional” campus.