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LETTER: Grand Forks EDC helps region grow in jobs

As part of its ongoing progress review, the Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation (EDC) received information from Job Service ND for the 48 companies it has assisted with projects over the past decade. From the beginning of 2004 to the end of 2013, these EDC clients have added jobs and increased annual wages by more than 65 percent in both cases.

Why is that significant?

The EDC works with primary sector companies. These are companies that operate here, sell goods and services primarily outside the region, and bring new wealth back into the region. This, in turn, supports other sectors that contribute to our community and quality of life. When the primary sector grows, investment and growth in other areas follow. You are seeing that growth today throughout the region – from a new school to a new grocery store, more housing, new restaurants, and company expansions - the Grand Forks region is in a boom of our own.

The EDC board of directors continues to be energized by the opportunities for our region and we remain focused on the fundamentals of economic development by supporting primary sector growth. In the course of doing so, we collaborate with many other organizations to identify and implement strategies that will continue to encourage growth – workforce initiatives like the Northern Valley Career Expo; the Base Realignment Impact Committee; and the city-led infrastructure planning initiative, to name a few.

This most recent Job Service data reflects a positive upward economic growth trend in the region. It’s an honor to work with such a talented group of volunteer board leaders and staff that remains focused on helping ensure this positive momentum continues.

Burian is Chair of the EDC Board of Directors