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LETTER: Giving politicians the old soft shoe

GRAND FORKS — In days of yore when actors and politicians occupied the same level on the not-with-my-daughter-you-don’t scale, it was common for objects of all sorts (mostly veggies and fruits) to be tossed as an expression of dissatisfaction with either’s “performance.” Few went to jail or were charged; the action was part of the profession.

Nowadays, you can’t even throw an “athletic shoe”! I’d be miffed myself if a steel-heeled stiletto came winging by, but by and large, I’d prefer the old shoe-toss to the usual invective I get tossed at me.

Pols have passed so many laws which protect them “from the public,” who have few direct ways to express dissatisfaction.

I bet if you asked the average citizen if the shoe-hurler should be charged (likewise, if Hillary Clinton should ask for charges to be pressed), the answer would be a resounding no.

Now if you ask me about the other charge of “evading security” or something similar, that’s fine by me if it’s accompanied by a charge of “dereliction of duty” on some functionary’s part, too.

I have an old mukluk with this inked on the sole: “Next time you pass a law that affects me, include yourself in it too, OK?”