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LETTER: Gershman: Elect Jeannie Mock as my replacement

GRAND FORKS — I have represented Ward 4 — and been proud to do so — for 14 years, so naturally I am paying close attention to this City Council election.

Grand Forks is experiencing unprecedented growth. We need to elect council members who understand our economic development efforts, support our airbase retention and safeguard our quality of life programs.

It is important to keep property taxes in check while maintaining the services we have come to enjoy.

I am supporting Jeannie Mock to replace me on the City Council. She understands these issues, is dedicated, smart and not an ideologue.

I hope Ward 4 voters will give careful consideration to her many qualifications, and join me in voting for Mock for City Council.

Hal Gershman

Gershman is president of the Grand Forks City Council.