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LETTER: Denounce actions by Islamic militants in Iraq

The Sunni militants of Islamic State in Iraq have driven out the Yazidis from the latter’s centuries-old homes, telling them they must convert or face death because the militants view the Yazidis as “devil worshippers.”

Let us pray that these Islamic militants in Iraq and elsewhere throughout the world would come to recognize the clearly demonic nature of their own actions, attitudes and beliefs.

Let us pray that other Muslims will be able to recognize the same and receive grace from God to take a stand and denounce these actions and eradicate articles of their religion that justify such demonic activity and violent seizure and destruction of the lives and property of others for their good in the name of God.

If the Muslim faith does not do something soon, the rest of the world will need to step in to put a stop to such use of religion to justify such terrible violence against others throughout the world.

John Kleinwachter

Roseau, Minn.

The Rev. Kleinwachter is pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Roseau.