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LETTER: Common Core can and must be stopped

VALLEY CITY, N.D. — I support North Dakota’s right to set its own standards of public school educational excellence. But North Dakota and many other states have become entangled in implementing the Common Core national standards without even a vote by the state Legislature.

Testing is an integral part of Common Core. If North Dakota simply were to opt out of testing, Common Core would end.

Common Core is being sold as a movement by certain nonprofits and governors when in fact it is a top-down plan by wealthy backers such as Bill Gates, who stand to benefit by selling the textbooks, computer programs and so on that are needed to teach to the tests.

They know that eventually, the cost of the program will be too burdensome for the states and the local school districts, which then will cry for federal dollars to help. That’s when the “teeth” will set in as federal aid comes with federal control.

Thus far, only math and English Common Core standards have been set. Science is soon to follow, the name being changed to “Next Generation Science Standards” as there has been so much opposition to the Common Core branding.

Federal control of education also gives ample opportunity for political and other indoctrination to enter into the curriculum. Subtle ideas even can be introduced into math problems, to say nothing of literature, history and science.

There are plans to expand into sex education, exposing children to information inappropriate for their maturity and without moral guidance to accompany it, while embedding the curriculum into regular classes so that parents will not be able to opt their children out of it.

Visit for information on how to stop Common Core in North Dakota.

Judy Stahl