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LETTER: Car speeds past, inches away from catastrophe

GRAND FORKS -- We live on Cherry Street, and while I love our neighborhood, I am not happy with the number of people who speed down the street.

We had a frightening incident on March 14th. As my husband was taking our 2-year-old son out of his car seat, a car sped down Cherry Street at about 40 miles per hour. This small black car clipped the open door of my car, where my husband and son were standing. It broke the side view mirror off of the offender’s car, but the driver didn’t even stop.

If the vehicle would have hit just a few more inches in, my husband and son would have been seriously injured.

Please, Herald readers, slow down when driving down residential streets in Grand Forks. You might just be driving through, but we live here. This incident was too close a call for comfort.

I would not want anyone to be injured or worse simply because people were driving carelessly on our streets.

Thank you so much to the Grand Forks Police Department. The officer who arrived on the scene was professional and kind, and even took time to talk to my children and help them feel better.

And if anyone sees a small black car missing its passenger side mirror, please contact the Grand Forks Police Department.