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LETTER: Bicyclists, too, must follow traffic laws

GRAND FORKS — After reading the article, “Distracted driving a concern for bikers,” I felt compelled to respond with my story (Page B1, June 24).

I am all for biking, and I see nothing wrong with biking on the streets. Putting a bike lane on University Avenue is a great idea.

The Herald story said bikers are subject to the same laws as vehicles. I agree. What I have an issue with is what happened the other day as I was waiting for a green light at 2nd Avenue North and North Washington Street.

I was facing east in the right-turn lane. There was a larger vehicle to my left either going straight or turning left.

As we sat there waiting for the green light, a biker came right up between us, just even with me as I sat in the driver’s seat. It took me by surprise, as there wasn’t really room for him between our vehicles.

I had one of my grandchildren in the car with me, and she was surprised as well. I told her that if a police officer had seen that, the biker may have gotten a ticket or warning to bike more safely.

For everyone’s safety, bikers should follow the rules of the road.