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Health insurance tax threatens small businesses

LANGDON, N.D. — Here in Langdon, we all do our best to help one another. Our local businesses are especially important because they are made up of our families, friends and neighbors.

We value our community, and we do whatever we can to support one another and give back when we are able.

I have owned Hiway Laundry & Dry Cleaners for well over a decade now; it’s a small place that I run on my own. The new health insurance tax will put undue pressure on the small business community, so it’s important that our elected officials in Washington support us by voting to repeal it.

If the health insurance tax isn’t repealed, my husband and I will have to pay another $1,000 a year for our policies, as the health insurance companies are expected to pass along the costs. Given that we already pay $1,300 a month, this additional expense will be hard to handle.

At best, I would have to work more hours and charge my customers more. At worst, I would have to close my business.

Being a small business owner already is hard enough, and this tax is just one more added pressure for me and others who are in a similar position. We cannot lose sight of the fact that community is important, and small businesses are a large part of that community ideal.

In fact, this sector is important to the American ideal.

Our members of Congress should help us protect our business independence and our sense of community by voting to repeal this tax.

Moser is owner of Hiway Laundry & Dry Cleaners.