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Gregory Christen

Gregory Christen

Gregory Christen, age 64, died in the early morning of January 25th. Survived by his wife Sandy Christen, daughter Janna Christen, and stepsons Will and Rory Stark. Greg passed away peacefully in his sleep due to complications with heart failure after a lengthy battle with cancer. In his last few days Greg was surrounded by his wife and children who watched over him and made him as comfortable as possible.

Greg will be fondly remembered as the honorable man that he was, always generous and more than willing to share stories and laughter. His life, full of adventure, travel, loved ones, and an ever present appreciation for the little things, continues to inspire friends and family, and serves as an enduring reminder to enjoy life every step of the way. He will be greatly missed.

The services will be held this spring in Little Tulka.