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First responders’ prompt service made the difference

GRAND FORKS — About three weeks ago, the exterior of our building in downtown Grand Forks sustained a fire. I want everyone in Grand Forks to realize what a professional, efficient and hard-working group of first responders that our city has.

The Grand Forks Fire Department responded to my emergency call immediately and was on the scene so quickly that even I was surprised. Battalion Chief Rob Corbett and his team worked very hard to extinguish the flames and did a superb job.

The firefighters were courteous and reassured me many times that it was “going to be OK,” although I’m not even sure that they were positive of that at the time. But their words were most comforting to me as I was hysterical during the situation.

The Grand Forks Police Department was equally competent and professional, and I want to thank them as well.

The health inspector, Richard Klockmann, came out the following day, which was a Sunday; he took the time to pay me a visit on his day off! I am very grateful to him, for his go ahead is the one most needed to reopen.

The following Monday, all of the other inspectors came out and worked feverishly in order that I could reopen that evening.

So, to the staff of the city of Grand Forks, I say thank you! The staff members are a great group, and I was extremely impressed with their concern and their efforts that made our closure so very brief.

As a local businessman, it so very reassuring to know that we live in a city that cares. Thanks again.

Jon Bonzer

Bonzer is owner of Bonzer’s sandwich pub in Grand Forks.