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DIY glittery nail polish

DO-IT-YOURSELF: Make your own glitter nail polish

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DO-IT-YOURSELF: Make your own glitter nail polish
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Glittery nail polish is becoming more popular because it adds a bit of spunk to your manicure for less work. Here’s an easy peasy way to make your own glitter polish and add a personal spin to your nails.


Clear nail polish

Glitter or mini confetti


Note: The tips I read say to empty out a half bottle of clear nail polish, but I don’t like wasting product. So, I suggest taking a half-used bottle from your collection or purchasing an inexpensive Wet & Wild clear coat at Walmart or Target.

1. With your half bottle of clear polish, pour desired amount of glitter into bottle. With this recipe, you can add as much or as little as you want. The more you add, the bigger the effect.

2. Shake well and paint away.


Melinda Lavine
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