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Corps increases outflow from Red Lake Dam

Last winter's heavy snow and an unusually wet spring prompted the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers today to increase outflow from Red Lake Dam north of Red Lake, Minn.

In a news release, officials said winter runoff and wet conditions caused the Red Lake to rise about 1.4 feet this spring to an elevation of 1,176.4 feet.

The Corps regulates the dam to maintain the lake at 1,174.0 feet. But officials warned that inflows to the lake are exceeding the outflow capacity of the dam, which has three slide gates and a stop log bay that have all been opened.

The gates will remain open until the lake drops down to the preferred elevation. But that could take months or even years because of the limited outflow, the Corps said, and the lake has rarely been at the "normal" elevation for a long period of time since 1951.