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Callers posing as IRS officials targeting Polk County

Callers posing as IRS officials are attempting to deceive Polk County residents in the latest area phone scam reported to law enforcement.

At least two residents have reported an individual claiming to be with the IRS called and left a message asking they be called back at an out-of-area telephone number, according to a news release from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

In one message, the caller told a resident there was evidence of tax fraud against them and to not disregard the phone call. Neither resident returned the call, the sheriff's office said.

Anyone receiving this call should hang up and report the incident to local law enforcement.

The IRS imposters are the latest in several waves of phone scams that have swept through northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota this year. Scammers have left phone messages and emails posing as banks, law enforcement and relatives in trouble. Others simply rely on someone returning a missed call and racking up charges.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office reminded residents not to give out personal information or send money over the phone to unfamiliar companies and people.