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Bemidji man uninjured as truck goes into lake

A good Samaritan was helping plow roads for fisherman on the west side of Lake Irvine but decided to take a more direct line home and had a front tire drop in a hole and it slowing sunk in an area of six week of water over 50 feet from the South Lake Irvines boat access.

BEMIDJI, Minn. -- A Bemidji man avoided injury Friday after his vehicle went into Lake Irving while trying to plow snow off the lake surface to make thicker ice, police said.

At about 1 p.m., police saw a GMC pickup truck with a plow attachment that had fallen through the ice. The truck's owner, James George, 63, Bemidji, was not injured.

Police said George usually plows portions of the lake to prevent ice insulation and make a thicker, safer surface. Tow trucks were working Friday afternoon to dislodge the truck from the ice and slush.

Friday's incident comes just more than a week after a 55-year-old man accidentally plunged an SUV through Lake Bemidji ice Dec. 12. He also was uninjured.

That incident, as well as reports of vehicles breaking through ice in other counties, prompted the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to warn that ice remains too thin.

Last winter, six people died from breaking through ice with snowmobiles or vehicles, the DNR reported.