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Modified driver Darren Pfau, who started second in the points at the beginning of the night, leads his heat Friday evening at River Cities Speedway. Photo by Kile Brewer/Grand Forks Herald

AUTO RACING: Mist makes it a difficult night at RCS

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AUTO RACING: Mist makes it a difficult night at RCS
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With four laps to go, the yellow flag came out and the mist at River Cities Speedway intensified a bit.

As far as Austin Pierce was concerned, the race should have been called. He was in the lead.


“I was hoping for a rainout,” he said, knowing he would have been declared the winner since 21 laps already were in the book.

But the mist let up, producing a dicey finish for the 20-plus sprint cars left on the track.

Pierce managed to keep his lead the final four laps to win Friday night’s 25-lap sprint feature at The Bullring on track championship night.

The last four laps, however, were tricky.

“It got really sticky,” said Pierce. “The car got really tight. The only way I could turn it was smashing on the breaks and pitching it. Coming up on lapped cars, you had to get off the gas even more and that made the car even tighter.”

But Pierce had enough to hold off Chris Shirek for the win. Pierce won by 0.616 of a second. Casey Mack was third, followed by Thomas Kennedy and Wade Nygaard.

Mark Dobmeier started on the pole and was in control but slipped off the high side of the track in Turn 4 on Lap 10.

Dobmeier, who turned a lap in a blistering 10.713 seconds in winning his heat race, drove all the way up to sixth place after restarting in the back of the pack.

“I knew the top of the track was pretty choppy,” said Pierce. “So I tried to stay away from there. I found a pretty good groove in the middle.”

It was Pierce’s fourth win of the season at RCS and sixth overall.

“This one really great since my big sponsor, Opp Construction, is in the house tonight,” he said.

Mist made it difficult for much of the night as five classes raced at RCS.

The final event, the 20-lap late model feature, had yet to take the track when this edition of the Herald went to press.

Travis Robertson won the streets feature. Season points leader Tyler Peterson captured the Midwest modified feature as he and Scott Bintz raced hard for the lead for much of the event. Peterson grabbed the lead on Lap 12.

The Wissota A modifieds made their second appearance at RCS. Canadian Ward Imrie, helped by a late yellow flag, captured the checkered as he grabbed the lead on the white flag lap.

Imrie beat Dustin Strand by 0.327 of a second. Aaron Holtan was third. 

Auto racing

River Cities Speedway

Friday’s results


First heat — 1. Mike Anderson; 2. Steven Richards; 3. Heath Corneliusen

Second heat — 1. Aaron BlackLance; 2. Nick Linert; 3. Doug VanMill

Third heat — 1. Travis Robertson; 2. Dan McNamee; 3. Cliff Reeves

Feature — 1. Robertson; 2. Anderson; 3. BlackLance; 4. VanMill; 5. Jordan Duray

Midwest modifieds

First heat — 1. Tyler Peterson; 2. Lance Schill; 3. Joey Rowell

Second heat — 1. Darren Pfau; 2. Ron Reed; 3. Todd Johnson

Third heat — 1. Scott Bintz; 2. Preston Carr; 3. Tim Berg

Fourth heat — 1. John Halvorson; 2. Matt Schow; 3. Dale Kraling

B main — 1. Jeremy Lizakowski; 2. Ryan Schroeder; 3. Jackson Moffett; 4. Zach Bruer

Feature — 1. Peterson; 2. Bintz; 3. Pfau; 4. Kraling; 5. Rowell


First heat — 1. Ward Imrie; 2. Casey Arneson; 3. Ryan Kereluk

Second heat — 1. Dustin Strand; 2. Aaron Holtan; 3. John Nord

Feature — 1. Imrie; 2. Strand; 3. Holtan; 4. Alex Engelstad; 5. Michael Greseth

Late models

First heat — 1. Brad Seng; 2. Mike Balcaen; 3. Shane Edginton

Second heat — 1. Joey Pederson; 2. Steve Anderson; 3. Steffen Snare

Feature — NA


First heat — 1. Mark Dobmeier; 2. Austin Pierce; 3. Dave Glennon

Second heat — 1. Wade Nygaard; 2. Casey Mack; 3. Thomas Kennedy

Third heat — 1. Chris Shirek; 2. Mitch Mack; 3. Brenden Wilde

Feature — 1. Pierce; 2. Shirek; 3. Casey Mack; 4. Kennedy; 5. Nygaard

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