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Two peregrine falcon chicks were banded Thursday, July 3, 2014, in Grand Forks, N.D. (Luke Franke/Grand Forks Herald)

An annual ritual for GF peregrines - This year’s brood of falcon chicks get tracking bands

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“Ok, I’m going to show her around to everybody once and then she’s going back home,” he said.

The group gathered to watch climbers climb UND’s water tower, home to one of two peregrine-falcon nests in the state.

The two recently-hatched chicks from the UND tower were brought down in a small kennel so Driscolls and other bird experts can determine their gender, put bands on them so they can be tracked throughout their lives and take a blood sample.

The chicks squawked loudly as everyone watched Driscoll take measurements.

“I should have named this one ‘Quiet’,” Driscoll joked with the crowd.

This is the seventh year Driscoll has been tracking the once endangered birds. He names them each year after prominent Grand Forks residents and other important people.

This year’s chicks were named Maya, after the recently deceased poet Maya Angelou, and Myra, after North Dakota pioneer John Myra.

The proud parents are Terminator, a female from Canada who has nested frequently in the area over the last few years, and Marv, a first-time father from the Fargo area.

Nathan Reitan and Nick Kludt were the climbers charged with collecting the birds and while Marv didn’t make an appearance, Terminator wasn’t happy about their presence.

“She was kind of dive-bombing us,” Reitan said, laughing as he climbed back down the water tower.