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100th Birthday

100th Birthday

Corrine Boushey turned 100 years old on January 28th, 2014. This amazing milestone has been a family discussion over the past few years and we all had faith that with her continued good health that she would be our very own "Smuckers Lady". Grandma Boushey, as she is called by all, has influenced so many around her. She has always been such a positive, selfless and nurturing role model for her large family. This sweet Norwegian Grandma has created a brood of 150 strong and growing. She is known for her story telling of days of old, schooling all of us in 500 Rummy and singing Norwegian bedtime songs while strumming her banjo. We always could count on our Grandma for a homemade sugar cookie and her signature brownies to sweeten us up. She is a role model to us all and we are just so blessed to have her with us as our matriarch of this Boushey clan. Happy Birthday Grandma from the Boushey Brood.