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February record for airport boardings in N.D.

Airline boardings in North dakota

BISMARCK -- The North Dakota Aeronautics Commission says 8,000 more passengers boarded airlines in the state than during the previous February.

Williston led the way with a boarding increase of 138 percent, but Minot, Bismarck, Grand Forks and Fargo also had their best Februarys on record. Grand Forks International Airport recorded 12,436 boardings last month, a 1.73 percent increase from February 2012. While Williston led in percentage, Fargo listed the most boardings with 34,581 in February.

Statewide, boardings climbed by more than 10 percent to 93,679 in February.

Commission director Larry Taborsky says airlines have been responding to increased demand by increasing the number of flights and available seats.